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Strive for better results through efficient financial strategies.

For many people, working toward financial goals is often focused on taking unnecessary investment risk, which likely will produce disappointing results.

Daniel C. Flanscha
CFP®,CLU, ChFC, LUTCF President, Financial Advisor

Let Dan Flanscha at Long’s Peak Financial guide you by highlighting financial efficiencies which are driven by economic principles.  We believe this approach will help you reach your financial goals.

What is wrong with traditional financial planning?

The financial world tends to focus primarily on seeking investment rates of return. Although investments may be a part of your financial strategy this cannot be the primary focus.

Because so much emphasis is focused on seeking high rates of return, seeking efficiencies is ignored with traditional financial planning strategies.

Let Long’s Peak Financial Guide You Toward Financial Efficiency!

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Financial Planning Philosophy

Financial well-being requires more than just investment advice. The financial industry typically provides financial advice which primarily focuses on investment...

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How Can You Benefit?

You can get organized financially. Dan can help you get organized so that your finances no-longer seem like they are...

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Discover more with a macro-economic approach.

Traditional financial planning focuses on the “above-the-line” possible growth of your money at the expense of ignoring the financial decisions...

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