Discover more with a macro-economic approach.

Traditional financial planning focuses on the “above-the-line” possible growth of your money at the expense of ignoring the financial decisions which are subtracting from your wealth building potential. These subtractions have a compounding negative impact.

It is as if your money can potentially grow “above-the-line” with the amount which is being taken away also growing each year. This is one reason it seems to be so hard to get-ahead financially and detracts from your ability to build wealth over a lifetime.

Many people could potentially give money over time — unwillingly and unknowingly.

A macro-economic approach helps you discover:

  • How this subtraction occurs.
  • How to organize your finances for efficiency.
  • How to test your financial decisions to determine if they are going to help or hurt you.
  • How to put you in a more flexible position to potentially gain more control.

This approach also allows you to see how financial decisions can affect your financial well-being over time.